Rolling Jackass Center Stand

This is the final, working version of the Rolling Jackass Center Stand in use on Bettie 2.0. The stand has been modified through a series of prototyping changes to fit a Nuvinci drivetrain. The stand should work as well with Nexus and Rohloff or any other internally-geared system or gears.

The stand works just like a motorcycle center stand. It parks the bike and provides a very stable platform for loading, unloading, and just sitting, sipping a brew. Up front in the cockpit, there’s a level to release the stand, pull the bike back, and up onto the legs.

The stand is even Pug approved, as an excellent observation platform.

Available from Rolling Jackass – website coming soon – the stand retails for $375.00. We’re considering a Hugga edition. Let us know in comments, if you’re interested.

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