Supre Drive Drivetrain

Supre Drive Drivetrain

The Supre Drive Drivetrain is example of how engineers should never stop tinkering. The bike industry, as we know it, was built by tinkerers and inventors.

The Supre Drive solves the problem of derailleurs breaking. It’s reliable like a gearbox, but it doesn’t have the drag and weight disadvantages of gearboxes. No other mountain bike drivetrain achieves this: the reliability of a gearbox combined with the efficiency and low weight of a derailleur drivetrain.

Supre Drive Drivetrain How Does it Work?

Conventional derailleurs have two functions. They shift the chain across cassette sprockets. They also tension the chain. These two functions are separated in the Supre Drive. The shifting remaining with the derailleur and the chain tensioning moved to a chain tensioner at the middle of the bike.

Supre Drive Drivetrain
How it works

The following image shows how the Supre Drive works. The blue line represents the chain in the lowest gear.  The red line represents the chain in the highest gear. When shifting from a high gear to a low gear, the chain tensioner arm pivots counter-clockwise around the bottom bracket axis. Patented in Canada and patent pending internationally, Super Drive is now available.

Learn more about the Supre Drive Drivetrain here.

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