Stan’s NoTubes DART Tool

Stan's NoTubes DART Tool

Stan’s has announced the NoTubes DART Tool responding to the “bacon strips” cyclists running tubeless carry. DART is their take on tubeless repair. Up until now, we use smaller versions of the same flat repair kit for automobile tires. I carry a version Lezyne makes ($19 on Amazon or at a bike shop near you).

Luckily I haven’t had to use it. It’s simply a plug(s) of rubber that you insert in the puncture and re-inflate. The plug gives the sealant something to stick too and the tire swells around it sealing the hole; at least temporarily. If there’s a hole that large in your tire, you’re most likely buying a new one.

Stan’s NoTubes DART Tool

DART  is a a tubeless tire repair kit that promises to repair punctures better than the bacon strips cyclists use today. DART (Dual Action Repair for Tubeless) is “dual action” because it’s a mechanical and chemical seal. The plugs reaction with the sealant makes it more effective and airtight seal then traditional tire plugs.

According to Stan’s, ease of use was a priority when designing their system. When repairing a puncture, you  position the tip of the DART into the puncture and press until the head of the tool contacts your tire. The length of the rod is specifically calibrated to insert DARTs to the correct depth and to anchor them into place securely. That means no more damage to rim or rim tape during a fast repair. Also, not carrying around a sharp tool.

NoTubes DART Tool
NoTubes DART Tool

DART is also designed for fast deployment, so you can get back riding. The head of the tool is double-sided and reversible, allowing it to hold two sealers on each side. So you can install two DARTs if needed for largest slices or snake bite-like punctures that create multiple holes.

Ease of Use

Clear caps protect the stored DARTS, keeping them clean and ready to use, while being quick to unthread and easy to see through to ensure you have a fresh DART ready for your next ride. It all fits together in a compact tool that easily fits in any pocket or pack and can be accessed quickly, without having to disassemble anything on your bike.

Bonus: the tool’s handle includes a built-in valve core remover, making it easy to add sealant. The tool is made of an ultra-strong but light molded plastic.

The NoTubes DART Tool costs $25 at a bike shop near you or online. Stan’s didn’t indicate if their tool interacts with other sealants. That’s important because in the Pacific Northwest at least, mechanics are recommending Orange Seal because it takes longer to break down. We get a lot of flats here and refill sealant more than most.


I asked Stan’s if DART worked with other latex sealants and this is their reply

…the reaction is based on the latex, so should be some cross-compatibility out there.

That’s great news. Stan’s has done a great job with the design in a category that needed attention.

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