Setting up for Mobile Social at Mellow Johnny


Snuggled comfortably into the Juan Pelota coffee shop inside of Mellow Johnny’s bike store, we’ve just checked in on the logistics of our Mobile Social event. The folks at MJ’s couldn’t be more gracious, which is why we like working with them so much.

If you’re in the Austin area for SXSW and have never seen the shop, come here and look around. It’s easily the prettiest bike store I’ve ever seen and it’s the only one with multiple Tour de France winning bikes hanging casually from the ceiling. While drinking my coffee smoothie I’m looking over at a wall full of signed yellow jerseys.

Unfortunately for my wallet, they’ve also just gotten in a shipment of Merino wool jerseys, and I’m buying one before I leave today. They will do nicely with my limited edition MJ’s mountain biking gloves.

Tomorrow we go all party-time-excellent on Mellow Johnny’s–they’ve been nice enough to give us their parking lot for a massive party. If you haven’t read about our event, check it out here.

Today starting at 2pm is TweetHouse, a big meeting of the “twiteratti” and other SXSW’ers and they’re setting up here at the shop, so if you were hoping to grab a nice carbon Madone, you might need them to move the stage to get access to it. But the District Carbon is available.

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