Mobile Social SXSW 2010 Tomorrow

The Mobile Social SXSW is tomorrow and of all the MoSos we do, this one is El Guapo, the Mucho Moso, where we do bike culture Texas style. The crew at Social Cycling ATX is leading the ride with ride guides. They’ll make sure you all get to Mellow Johnnys for the party and have a fun, safe time.

Quick access to the details

MoSo QR Code for SXSW Scan this code for quick access to the MoSo details. You need a wristband or SXSW badge to get into the party. Get a wristband from one of us at the start of the ride.

The Route

There are turnoff points for those that want to ride shorter. The route is 14 miles and it’s a relaxed, cruiser, fun ride, no-dropping-anyone pace. We stop at red lights and don’t block traffic.

Meet the Bike Map Makers

Googlers Bike Map Shirt Google is riding with us and at Mellow Johnnys to show you their Bike Maps. You’ll know who they are because they’re wearing these shirts.

Gowalla Trip

Gowalla has a Mobile Social Trip. Complete it and win prizes


People Really Win

Get your raffle ticket at Mellow Johnnys to win more prizes at the party and then enter the drawing for the afterglow prize.


There’s a Texas BBQ truck at Mellow Johnnys where you can buy lunch after the ride. The keg beer, gear, prizes, and all the awesome is brought to you by our partners

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