Selle Royal Supports Cyclists

For our European readers, Selle Royal’s latest project ‘Support Cyclists On The Road’ offers free maintenance checks and cups of coffee to cyclists in ten cities across Europe.

Likewise, I hope they bring the project here.

Setting off this Friday (March 1st) from the Selle Royal base in Pozzoleone, the Van will make stopes in Padua, Milan, Innsbruck, Munich, Berlin, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Düsseldorf, Turin and Mantova.

At each location, a dedicated team will set up the Selle Royal van along various cycling hotspots. In addition, the team will invite cyclists to stop for a free bike check and an authentic Italian Bristot coffee while they wait; the ideal solution to those who don’t have time for – or sometimes overlook – the basics of bike maintenance.

Selle Royal is very proud of the new project and excited to what crowds the yellow Van attracts. Selle Royal’s philosophy believes in community and their extensive range of saddles are derived from decades of research and development in the industry. Commenting on the project, Lara Cunico, Marketing Manager at Selle Royal, said

This year, to further improve riding experiences, we have the chance to offer cyclists something more than just our comfort – we are meeting them on the road to offer our expertise, useful bike tips and a little refreshment. We will bring some fun and entertainment, and look forward to an exchange of experiences with the communities; a great way to encourage and promote a sustainable cycling lifestyle!

Hello Selle! The road market here in the states could use the support too.

Support Dates and Cities

Padua, Italy
1-2 March 2019 – Piazza Portello

Milan, Italy
7 March 2019 – Upcycle Bike Cafè, via Ampère (pm)
8-9 March 2019 – Largo la Foppa

Innsbruck, Austria
12-13 March 2019 – Marktplatz

Berlin, Germany
15-16 March 2019 – Wingwheels, Kastanienallee
27-28 April 2019 – VELOBerlin, Tempelhof Airport

Rotterdam, The Netherlands
18 March 2019 – Eendrachtsplein

Amsterdam, The Netherlands
20-21 March 2019 – Wibautstraat

Düsseldorf, Germany
23-24 March 2019 – Cyclingworld, Hansaallee

Munich, Germany
27 March 2019 – Wiener Platz
28 March 2019 – Geschwister-Scholl-Platz

Turin, Italy
30-31 March 2019 – Corso Castelfidardo

Mantova, Italy
17-19 May 2019 – Bam, Lungolago Gonzaga

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