Schwinn Vestige

Schwinn understands they’ve got the best brand recognition in the business and that people associate them with the bike they rode as a kid, for fun. We liked the city bikes they showed at PressCamp, including a fixie, bar bike, and the flax-tubed, LED-lit Vestige.

PressCamp Day One: Schwinn 411 Beer Bike

Make a beer run with the 411

PressCamp Day One: Schwinn Vestige

The dynamo hub powers internal LED lights. They glow and pulsate.

A disc-brake bike with porter-style rack and another made with flax and glowing lights? Sure. Visit your bike shop and buy a bike just for the novelty of it. Fenders made of bamboo and tires with recycled rubber in them? Bonus.

PressCamp Day One: Schwinn Vestige

I rode the Vestige and had a good time and imagined riding it with a group. Also hacking the light kit for more patterns. Add a boom box to the front and you’ve got a party bike. Maybe it only sees the bike path and who cares?

Pricing and availability on the Vestige wasn’t available. It won a Eurobike Gold last year. When it ships expect a carbon fork and Shimano 9-speed drivetrain with Alivio derailleur.

Also see our post on another flax bike. This one is made for racing.

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