Novara Gotham

I noticed a Novara Gotham in the Nuvinci tent and took it for a ride.

PressCamp Day One: Novara Gotham on the Road

Best part of PressCamp is the riding on the road and dirt.

Like with any belt drive, the first thing you notice is how quiet it is. Pair it with a Nuvinci hub and it’s smooth.

PressCamp Day One: Novara Gotham Belt Nuvinci

This is Sade’s greatest hits on a Sunday afternoon smooth. The bike is made for just riding along in style. It includes an integrated rack and nice touches with the saddle, grips, fenders.

PressCamp Day One: Novara Gotham Right Side

I noticed how much Nuvinci has improved too. It’s much more responsive than the version that’s on the Bettie. You twist and feel the “gear” change almost instantly.

The Gotham I rode is a prototype and I’ve asked REI for more details and availability.

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