Schwinn Releases What Looks Like Worst Bike Accessory, Ever.

In the run up to the Consumer Electronics Show, Schwinn has announced that they will start shipping a device that uses bluetooth and lights to show you which way to go while you’re out riding. Engadget reports “The idea is pretty simple: Download the product’s iOS or Android app, put in your destination, choose the best route and then let the CycleNav point which way to go, using one of three LED arrows. ”

Holy Hell that’s a bad idea.

Let me see if I have this right? “Simply” download an app and put in an address and then stare at my handlebars while lights blink R2-D2 style and direct me into traffic? What happens when I come to an intersection with more options than right or left? What happens if I’m looking down at these lights when a Mack truck goes by.

This thing will cost $59.99, a price much higher than a good iPhone mount, a solution that would at least allow you to use the same iPhone you had to use to download the directions to navigate without so much confusion and possible death.

Please Schwinn, kill this product before launch.

More comedy from Schwinn here in their press release.

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