Best of Maui 14

Katusha Pro

Katusha Pro

I was in Maui just to ride after a very long season and didn’t take the bait when this Katusha Pro passed me twice. He said something that I think Pros say to each other in Euro pelotons, but I sat up, and just pedaled. Later I worked out a few scenarios in my head of what would’ve happened if I’d accelerated up to him that all ended badly. The Russian National TT champ, probably wouldn’t half wheeled me…

He wasn’t Upcountry when I was, which is good, cause I get angry after tall, thin dudes pass me on climbs. It’s the pleasure of just riding a bike that I was really trying to reconnect with on Maui and not turning myself inside out. Did plenty of that in 13 and posted about it here.

That’s the thing about Maui and why we enjoy riding there so much. You can ride like a tourist, have an epic day, or with their updated infrastructure, an errand ride to stock the vacation condo fridge for lunch.

Maui has also become a destination for cyclists and every year we see more on the shoulders and the roads we’ve ridden for years. The best of those routes I’ve mapped on Google and include

It never gets old riding the same loops, like to the end of Makena and back or from Kihei to Lahaina. We prefer to stay in South Maui and for tourist activities, snorkeling with Maui Snorkel Charters who offers a more personal experience with a highly-qualified crew that cater to all dive levels.

Makena Road

This road never gets old

For dinner, we shop at Costco near the airport and eat in mostly to avoid crowds, but did enjoy fish tacos at Monkey Pod this trip.

Our fav bike shop is West Maui Cycles who set up the Tarmac Pro up for us. I also stop during rides to get more water and visited with Maui Cyclery and Island Biker. That shop has been on Maui for 33 years, is a top Specialized dealer, and proudly displays a Roubaix decal on the door. Here’s a look inside the West Maui shop

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