Hugga Holiday Sale

hugga_salea.jpg Our Hugga Holiday Sale has concluded.

We’ve also updated our aStore with new recommend goods and a Bike Widow’s Guide.

The deals were on

Hugga Wool T with Bonus Beanie

Our new Hugga Wool T is on sale now with a Bonus Beanie offer from Ibex. Purchase the T, upload a photo of you wearing it to Flickr, and boom get a free wool beanie – details here. We’ve got limited quantities of the shirt and this offer is good while supplies last.

The Wool T is best used for Apres cycling – everyday wear, lightweight for warmer weather, and layering. It’s made for us by Ibex with their best wool and looks hugga hot in our green logo and black. The tech specs are

  • 18.5 Micron Merino wool, 150 g/m2 (lightest weight)
  • Semi-fit, Machine washable
  • Screen Bike Hugger Logo and made in USA.

The Wool Ts are so new, they’re not at Amazon yet, but you can order directly from Hugga HQ with Paypal. When you do, bells ring, lights flash, and we all run around saying, an order came in, what do we do?!! Later, we just fill it.

Order Hugga Wool Ts

Order your Wool T via Paypal.


    Mens Medium $49.00 SOLD OUT


    Mens Large $49.00 SOLD OUT


    Men X-Large $49.00 SOLD OUT


Hugga Socks Buy one pair of socks for $9.99 and get another free! That’s right, we’re offering two for one socks – booyah sock boy! You can double stuff your stockings with socks and keep your feet warm during the winter.

Check our sock gallery for more photos. They’re super stylin’, super comfortable, and good stocking stuffers.

Order Socks

Order your Bike Hugger Socks and get the deal from Amazon. Add 2 Socks to your shopping cart and you’ll get one free at checkout.

Club Cut Jerseys

Hugga Jersey Our roomier, club-cut Bike Hugger Jerseys are on sale for 15% off.

The jerseys are custom made for us by Hincapie Sportswear with their best technical materials in their Colombian factory and the regular price is $79.00 USD.

Order Jerseys

Order your Bike Hugger Jersey from Amazon, use this code A8ZRDHME, and get the deal.

Check the Hugga Jersey Product Detail Page — Club Cut Sizes for sizes.

Bike Hugger Buddy Flaps

After selling out our initial batch, we’ve got more Bike Hugger Buddy flaps in and are offering free shipping. The purpose of the front flap is to protect your feet and in the back to protect your buddy from the spray, mud, and debris. Of course, it’s also a fashion statement.

  •  Free Shipping


Amazon fulfills and ships our jersey and socks for us. Shipping will depend on the choices you make with Amazon.

The Wool T is shipped directly from Hugga HQ via USPS.

The Buddy Flaps ared shipped directly from Hugga HQ via USPS for free.

Other Deals

Clip-n-Seals, an innovative Bag Clip, are also on sale at 15% off.


Does the massive awesomeness of the sale have you confused? Wonder why a T would cost $49.00 (cause it’s Merino wool)? Please ask questions in the comment section below and we’ll figure it out together.

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