Bike Hugger + SxSW = Magical!


The voice said to me Mark, explain what Bike Hugger at SxSW is like.

Well, I’ll tell ya’. We swoop into town in a cloud of dust and tortilla chip crumbs, spreading good will and nacho stains like cycling fairies… in the magical sense, not the alternative lifestyles sense…not that there’s anything wrong with that. First we check into our swanky digs, and then we spread out to find our cycling brethren and their rides…the cool and carbon…the chill and custom…the wild and Frankenbikin’. We will immerse ourselves in Austin’s bicycle atmosphere…and then we inhale. Next we gather unto us all the fellow cycle-friendly travelers, music and film festivalers, the creative professionalers. We will use all available means to announce our presence such as smoke signals, cans-on-string, bird calls, and possibly even emails and twitter (but absolutely no drum circles).

For we will meet together en masse and take a joyride. Local agents of cycling shall guide the way as we cruise along and see what sights Austin has to offer. Doubtless, we will need to stop at watering hole, or to be more precise, a beering hole, to refuel and kick it hugga-style. Then we go to some arranged place where there’s a catered BBQ and more refreshements. There will be even more people than just the riders, and just about everyone gets some schwag.

If it goes down like last year, I will spend most of the event greeting people and handing out goodies until I am hoarse, and then I’ll slam a brew before I m.c. the raffle for the really cool shit. Byron and the other Hugga missionaries will be mixing it up in the crowd. There will be good cheer for all, and it will be magical.


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