Ruckus Components Custom Carbon Fender

As it was told to me by Nick Burlow

I’ve been bugging Shawn Small of Ruckus Components about setting up my ‘cross bike with custom eyelets on the WCS carbon fork, as well as some of their custom carbon fiber fenders. We finally got together and as I am not to picky, I gave them complete artistic freedom on the paint / design work.

Graham Adams, painter for Ruckus Components, used an old hot rodders’ trick by using lace and create a unique pattern.

Being made from carbon, the fenders are not only light, they are also very stiff. This allows the use of a single strut (hand bent on each install by Shawn). I love the clean look of this set up. The custom eyelets on the fork are done so well they look stock.

May take a cyclist that’s had a progression of rain bikes with fenders to fully appreciate this set up. They’re like Honjos, in carbon, with enough fender clearance for a ham-fisted UCI official to get his fat fingers in there measuring your tires. This setup includes Ruckus molding eyelets onto your existing fork.

See more photos from Ruckus Components on Flickr and learn more about this project on their site.

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