Rough and Tumble Racing at Masters Natz

Flag a Flying

Flag a flying in Bend

When wheels get skipped at 30+ MPH anger gets tripped and that was the story from Masters Nationals in Bend. A flowing, fast chicaned course with uneven pavement made lanes change instantly and tempers flare with them.

Stay on the wheels as they bounced around in Bend

Stay on the wheels as they bounced around Bend

When a good chunk of the pack went down in the Mens 45 – 49 race, fists of fury got thrown before the pedals turned again.

Speaking in Tongues

Speaking in tongues

It was so rough and tumble that later in the Mens 35 to 39 race, the announcer called out a team for their tactics.

On the PA.

It’s gets old seeing a team defend their lead by chopping wheels, braking at the front, and taking the turns wide.

It does. Former Pro and Voler Rep Russel Stevenson commented

One of the sketchiest crits I’ve done in a long time. On the deck twice, chopped every lap then nearly taken out in turn one of the finale.

And Josh Liberles from HPC Cycling added

.. a guy goes off the front to “burn himself out.” Then SC Velo imploded and couldn’t control the front. The off-the-front guy stays away to claim the win solo, and Leo Grande raced more negatively than anyone I’ve ever seen.

Rock Steady over a Rough Road

Rock steady over rough road

Nerves, ego, and pressure to win a jersey combine to make a race so hectic, afterwards those that crashed walked about wandering what had just happened. Like they’d lost a tiara to Honey Boo Boo.

Crashed Out

Crashed Out

Michael Easter won is what happened after taking advantage of a late crash, building a lead, and holding it while those behind couldn’t get to him.

Won a Jersey

Won a Jersey

Driving it out of the chicane

See more photos from this race lightboxed on G+ and Flickr in high rez.

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