Pam’s Podium Shoes

Pam's podium shoes

Pam’s got to wear her podium shoes

So my wife Pam just upped the game in the husband/wife competitive dynamic we have, like is she going to pull all the time now too? I certainly can’t make any excuses about my performance in a race, considering the pain she’s in. She podiumed with a hip out of alignment and was undecided ‘till the day of. Then rode through a crash, scraping her pedal along the back of a racer on the ground, and sprinted out of the saddle for 5th.


Pedaled through someone’s face!

Knew it too, cause she was so composed, she counted the racers ahead of her, as they slowed after the race.


5th at Nationals

The winners

Womens 45 – 49 podium

I wasn’t going to race, symptomatic with bad air in Bend, but how could I not after that medal? It’s Nationals, so I got a good start with a solid position. When they opened it up even more and big gaps formed, I tried to move up.

A few laps later, I was pulled with half the field and in the medic tent puffing on a rescue inhaler like it was a candy-flavored hookah. Before going out like that, saw a 192 heart rate.

Word Mother Yo.

Good job, she said, “you went for it.”

“Yep,” I did. “For you honey.”

Next year too.


Mathowie spotted the photo of Pam by Matthew Lasala

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