Replaceable Derailer Hanger gets Replaced

Replaceable derailer hangers are engineered to break, to spare the derailer, and this one did in an S&S travel case. Can’t imagine the forces within the case to do that, but break it did. Sheared right off. Discovered this back home from the Mobile Social Worldwide.


Replaceable derailleur hanger Besides dings and an ever-developing travel patina, a broken derailer hanger is a new occurence. This was on the Dahon Mu SL we took with us. I suspect it’s because the wheels and tires weren’t there to protect it. The Dahon isn’t intended to break down fully like an S&S – you fold it in 1/2 into a large case. With the recent crack down on luggage by the airlines and a very long trip, we packed the Dahons in cases I knew would pass through baggage.

Cost to repair is about $15.00 USD.

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