Redline Steps up for Seattle Area Juniors

As you can see in this thread on SeattleCyclocross.comRedline Bicycles does a lot more for racing than send Byron out on a proto single speed cross bike. A Seattle area Junior and 2007 national champion Logan Owen had his fleet of bikes stolen from his garage this weekend. Keep an eye out for these smallish bikes for sale:

  1. Redline Conquest Team (black and red) – 44cm
  2. Ridley X Fire carbon (new red) – 52cm
  3. Cannondale Six Thirteen (white) – 52cm
  4. Redline Conquest Disc-R (red and white)
  5. Redline Expert xl. (Red) – BMX

Tim Rutledge (seen here trying to get Byron to “commit”) jumped in and is getting Logan a bike so he can continue to race here in Seattle and out at Nationals. Thanks Tim!

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