Hugger-Cross at Monroe – Single Speed Style

Cross Downhill (Photo Credit Matt Morrisson) Sunday was beautiful. It hasn’t rained in a few days – so where did all that damn mud come from?

Byron and I made it out to race the single-speed category and proved quite definitively that we are road racers (and not so hot in the slop). No barriers on this course, but plenty of obstacles. A 400m mud slog was the toughest test in the course keeping lap times quite slow. A race that is typically 45 minutes took 60.

We had a great time out there – lots of folks yelling for us and heckling with love. Not sure exactly where I ended up in the field, but after having to run the mud bog three times I doubt it very good.

Byron on his fancy Redline single speed. Byron Cross

My road position == bad back pain by lap 4. Back Pain!

Oh – and did I mention the mud? This is Byron’s Redline after it had been cleaned up some. My bike was more brown then blue by the end. Mud!