Rapha’s Summer Wool

Rapha Summer Wool

Living in the Pacific Northwest, I’m wearing wool year round, except for the summer because it’s too hot and the fabric sweaty. Rapha’s Super-Lightweight changed that and I wore it and the liner on our ride last weekend. The jersey is remarkable good and what I’m wearing now when not in Hugga gear. Also, hey I share the feeling that it’s a lot of money for a made-in-China kit at $160.00, but when a product works that well it deserves recognition. A large chunk of their margins go back into the sport too.

How the summer wool even got worn and tried, is when Chris DiStefano (Rapha’s hype man) insisted I try their liner. In one ride it became a new fav and was included in a review of liners written by Jim Merithew for Issue 14 of our Magazine. The mesh weave and blend is why it breathes so well and is comfortable. Also, because it’s wool, you can Febreeze it, and ride with the jersey again, before another wash cycle.

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