Map of a Steady Hundred Miles or So

Sharing an annotated map of our steady hundred miles or so ride from West Seattle to the rural roads of East King County last weekend. On this ride I ran over a slug, a snake, and saw Sir Mix-A-Lot’s house. Also dived right to avoid a distracted driver and cleared an unseen drainage ditch that unsteadied our bikes like an IED had gone off. Shaking that off we continued to pedal and…

When we turned out of the trees into the sun, it was like the opening sequence of an action flick.

A cross-dissolve transition from shade to the sun and into a fast descent with twisties.

He’s the climber and me the rouleur, and I did what was expected in this section.

Shift+click, click to a lower gear, and put the hammer down.

Curves ahead

That curves ahead sign is my cue to GO!

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