Rapha Seattle Grand Opening

After a soft opening a couple weeks ago, Rapha’s Club in Seattle invited the media for a preview and then hosted a party last night.

Media preview at 4 and then a party at 6.

Rapha really brings the people out and it was great to the cycling community gathered together (550+ RSVP).

On Capital Hill.

We drank Manny’s, ate fries, talked about the sport, and fashion. Sub Pop spun records too.

A keg of Mannys.

If you hadn’t already heard, Rapha Clubs are there to sell clothes, sure, but also for members to hang out. And, if you’re traveling grab a bike to ride.

Hang up your bike or grab one of theirs to ride.

Last year, in Manhattan, I did just that at their club. My latest review is of their rain jacket, which I’ve been wearing far too much…..

Proper cuffing.
Denim, jackts, caps, and more.

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