Rainy Season in Seattle

The rainy season is back in Seattle with new wet-weather gear challenges for a longtail. I’ve got riding in the rain down to a science when touring, training, riding hard, and even racing. It’s a liner, windtex, outer shell, and fleece-lined knickers or tights. I don’t generate the heat riding a longtail in a urban enviroment, but also need to stay warm and not get to hot. I’m experimenting with

As you can see in the photo, I’m bundled up good with the PreCip hood up and over the helmet. Sitting up and seeing the world is great on the Bettie, but also means the driving rain drives right into your face. Got the campy hat with the bill to keep some of out of my eyes and the eyeware is for protection as well as glare. I wish someone made chaps for cyclists. Reports to follow on how this works out.

What are you wearing on your commute?

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