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Bike Hugger is bike culture blogged. As a group blog, with different voices, we cover diverse topics, but the bike centers us. You won’t find a marketing box to put us in or a label to slap onto what we do. Much of it is in the moment and we try to do interesting, epic stuff.

For the past 7 years we’ve built an audience here and in social channels, like Twitter, G+, Instagram, Flickr, Facebook, and Tumblr(s). We publish photos on Flickr, videos on YouTube, and podcasts on iTunes.

We also believe the bike is a connector with web designers, developers, and creative professionals. That’s why you’ll find us at events like SXSW, WebVisions, and NXNE, and post about technology.

In the Industry

Bike Hugger works with several partners in the bike industry on various projects, including design studies like Bettie, new bike products, and concepts. We’ll announce those as they become available and disclose our relationships to our partners when we blog about them.

We spend a lot of time in shops, and Mark V works at one. We believe our success is directly tied to local bike shops


We sell gear like shirts and jerseys, select products from our partners, and our Kickstand on Amazon.com.

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Built is our bike maker event.

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What we’re working on is meaningful interactions on the web v. pageview and hits. You likely noticed we’re not overran with ads; especially banner ads. We flow the products we’re making, testing, and reviewing into our social channels.

While not a focus, we do offer advertisers a more traditional approach with ads and you can advertise directly with Google Adwords.

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