Pulsating Brakes


Pulsing when stopping

Pulled the brake levers and pads pulsated against a carbon rim like a pneumatic sex toy. As the bike slowed from a fast descent, it rocked back and forth as if I’d flipped hydraulic switches on a 64. Running tubulars, I wasn’t concerned about those rims heating up and the tire blowing off, but the state of fast wheels and brakes.

In a short rant on the Fredcast this weekend, I go into how the industry lacks any trade association that either innovates a standard and markets it or pushes manufactures to adhere to it.

Every wheelset in the CX racing quiver demands its own pads and I’ll run Swisstops thank you very much.

My point was with so many wheels being made, you’d think each of those companies could send an ambassador to a Better Braking Summit. Considering their wheels are mostly ridden in Fondos by middle-aged men, they should focus on helping them stop instead of setting personal bests.

Pulsating into a stop sign isn’t good enough.

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