2013 Audi Allroad for Cross Season


Didn’t have time to grab the good camera before the Osprey flew off

Stepped out of Hugga HQ on a bright, late Summer morning and saw an Osprey eating a rodent on a light pole. Well, I thought, F it! I’m buying a car today and it’s an Audi allroad.

The smell of German chemicals in a new car is quite refreshing. Like visiting an engineering spa.

When it comes to cars, I’ve got a thing for sport wagons and this one is built up with all the gadgets you expect from the Germans, including a rolling HotSpot.


Google is in my car now too, updating nav maps with 3D and street views. Also searching for topics like, “bike shop” or “David Douglas State Park” where the next Cross race is.

Asked it to look for carbon clincher reviews too

I don’t always drive, but when I do it’s with a hotspot.

The money was good and I bought it from University Audi, just a few blocks away from the Watertown hotel where a fleet of free bikes are. Saw Torkers ride by, as we closed the deal. Audi is also involved in the sport at the local level, sponsoring a team.

allroad on the dock

Ben took this photo on the dock where the cars arrive

A Mountain Biker’s Son

Normandy Park

Drove it along the coast near Normandy Park

From the first few miles along the Puget Sound Coastline near Normandy Park, I’ll say the allroad is agile, well-balanced, and climbs as well as it rolls the flats. The salesmen’s father was in the bike business too. An early innovator and a Mountain Bike Hall of Fame nominee. Most of the time Ben and spent together we discussed rides in Eastern Oregon and not the long-list of specs, features, and packages.

If I went deep enough into the parts bins in a shop, would find something from Interloc Racing and Rod Moses like these brakes.


Progressing brakes from IRC

I’ll drive the car to and from the races this Fall with a few reports to follow, including trips to Duthie with the cargo bay full of gear and wheels.


Cargo bay for wheels and gear

Check with the car media for the detailed reviews including Washington Post, PopSci, and Autoweek. They agree and so do I that Audi brought the allroad back to the US market and did it right. However, Audi enthusiasts in the forums do not agree with many critical of the spec and car. To them, it’s not Euro enough or what they’ve been waiting for since Audi stopped making the original allroad.

As a former Volvo XC owner, I’d admired allroads from afar and this car is some next-level shit compared to the 07 XC I just turned in. To me, Volvo has lost its way. Blame their near bankruptcy and new Chinese ownership. Also marketing that’s all over the place, but no where near appealing to me like it once did. From my new-to-the brand perspective, in the car business and for sport wagons, Audi has the best product right now.

The Volvo took me to a lot of bike races in the past decade and now it’s time for an allroad. Ben and I will ride together too. I want to hear more about the early days of MTB with his dad. If you want to talk to him about the allroad, reach him via email, Twitter, or Facebook.

To the next race

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