Press Camp 12: Important Helmet Announcement

Interrupt our normal programming for an important announcement from Lazer Helmets.

The ‘Ize blogs and others are going on again about fear campaigns and a helmet conspiracy. They got it in their unhelmeted heads, somehow, that the helmet manufactures influence governments to write legislation. As I’ve said elsewhere, for some time, that’s a foolish notion muttered by conspiracy theorists. Ridiculous even and guaranteed to get a huge laugh at an industry event when mentioned. I’ve met most makers of helmets – they’re making a safety product and not one marketed with fear or placed in the stores by well-greased palms. There are no helmet lobbyist walking the halls of government buildings with a suitcase of cash or using payola with media and bloggers.

Why those that want to abolish helmet laws take this ludicrous tact, I don’t know, but definitely speak up about it and throw Tweed Lobby accusations back at them. You want to back a conspiracy theorist into a corner? Mention an even wilder conspiracy…involving the garment, shoe industry, and bikes.

Helmets Use Saves Lives

I believe helmet use is a personal choice, no laws required, and just as I was writing this, the Coroner of Ontario released a new report that studied cyclists death. His conclusion was to call for helmet use to reduce deaths and injury.

The Coroner has the science to prove it and cites the studies the helmet haters do. I wear a helmet, as I please, when the situation calls for it. Also don’t believe in conspiracy theories and have never seen a fear campaign in the industry.

What those that fight helmets don’t understand, is elsewhere in the world, people die while riding their bikes.

Helmets save lives.

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