PressCamp 12: GT Edge Ti

head tube

GT Edge Ti is back with this head tube

At events like PressCamp, there’s a sea of bikes lined up for the media to ride; occasionally one will pop up from the rest that’ll interrupt your regular blogging and reporting with a “whoa, what’s this?” One that ain’t no mass-produced carbon frame with a new paint job and fancy words to describe how it was laid up or how stiff and compliant it is. Or that it’s better than a Cervelo R* by three key areas shown to you in a Powerpoint.

The GT Edge Ti did that yesterday and I rode their triple triangle Ti bike to Kamas with @tinyblackbox. This bike was conceived and spec’d by someone that’s into it as much as we are. You can see it in the details, the welds, and the build kit. It rides like a high-end Ti bike should. Ti was performing with all-day comfort before the carbon guys decided to serve a Fondo market with softness. In another era, I’d argue with you about the best materials or bikes. Today, bikes are so good, shoot outs are meaningless. What it’s about, is picking a bike from the containers that float over here from Asia based on the ride you want and brands that speak to you with the best spec.

Got my racing legs in Eastern Wa, where Sandvik Sports used to weld GT’s frames. At the backdoor of the factory, I handed a welder a few hundred dollars and left with 004. A prototype of this same bike, like this one.

Flying down this descent into the Kamas valley, was like a fast trip down memory lane. A GT, Ti, in the desert.


Descending to Kamas

Life is good on the bike.

big red barn

Big Red Barn

Later that night, I took more photos of the Edge and high-rez are seen here with iPads on G+ and Flickr.

at sunset

At Sunset

The Edge is available from your LBS and costs $2000 for the frame and fork. This bike is for the buyer that knows what they want, like what they do is true and not a hobby.

A distinctive bike that’ll perform at the highest level and keep you comfortable.

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