PNW Components Pebble Tool

PNW Components Pebble Tool

PNW Components Pebble Tool launched earlier this week. In a short amount of time, PNW’s industrial design has exponentially improved. A mini multi tool that doubles as a Dynaplug (starting at $12.99 a set on Amazon or your local bike shop) tire repair kit is a perfect example. I’ve already dropped one into a barrel on my gravel bike. I put the extra plugs into the top-tube bag.

PNW Components Pebble Tool
The versatile tool is available from Amazon, direct, or your LBS for $37.

The Pebble packs the essential hex sizes, a Torx T25. Plus the Dynaplug for $37 on Amazon, direct, or your LBS. It ships in 4 colors to match your bike or kit. If you order the bundle, it ships with a repair plug installed and 5 additional repair plugs.

PNW Components Pebble Tool Features

  • Integrated Dynaplug tubeless bicycle tire repair accessory
  • Bits included: TorxT25, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm and 6mm Hex
  • Weight: 51g
  • Size: L: 65mm, W: 21mm, Thickness: 15mm
  • Colors: Blackout Black, Fruit Snacks Purple, Blood Orange, Golden Daze Bronze

In the hand, the tool feels well made with smooth corners and offers enough purchase to tighten a bolt without stripping it. Having just used a plug for a roadside repair, I can attest to how well they work.

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