Ibex Wool Tencel Tees


Ibex wool Tencel tees have filled a spot in my gear collection. On occasion, I don’t know exactly what to wear. This year, we experienced no spring. After an unusually wet winter and a summer without wildfire.

Having a comfortable, breathable tee on hand kept me confidant I’m covered for any sort of weather. That includes mixing a merino wool blend in with my Gore Wear.

Ibex Wool Tencel Tees
A nicely blended tee

I’m also glad to see Ibex back and thriving with new product. They sponsored our Mobile Socials since the beginning. They even sent us prototypes. The tee is woven from two natural performance materials into a blend.

Ibex Wool Tencel Tees Features

  • No tags
  • Neck tape to prevent stretching
  • Extra durable reinforced side seams
  • True to size
  • 45% Merino Wool, 45% Tencel, 10% Nylon
  • Fabric Origin: Australia
  • Garment Origin: Vietnam

Ibex spins the merino wool and tercel around a nylon filament for durability. It’s a hybrid tee that stays cool and dry up into the 70s. I also wore it for travel where it performed as you’d expect a tee from Ibex to do. Where I was a bit let down was how fast it pilled. The pilling didn’t distract from the comfort.

At $85 a piece, I’m confidant the tee will last and take its place among the rest of my long-lived Ibex gear.

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