Our Big Bag of Win!

Today we’ve launched a new messenger bag custom made for us by Mission Workshop. The Big Bag of Win is on pre-sale now for $169.00 before we send them off to Amazon’s warehouses and ahead to SXSW.

Bag win1

Based on Mission Workshop’s Rummy with our emblem on the outer flap and logotype on the inner flap, you can open it up for the Hugga reveal …

Bag win2

More photos on Flickr.


A 1650 cu. in. weatherproof rolltop messenger bag with Bike Hugger emblem on the outer flap and logotype on the inner flap.

  • Completely weatherproof construction
  • Rolltop cargo compartment
  • Quick-access outboard pockets
  • 5 internal zippered pockets
  • Aluminum hardware
  • Reversible Shoulder strap for left or right wear
  • Detachable cross-chest stabilizer
  • Water-resistant urethane coated zippers
  • Center pocket big enough for most laptops.
  • Made in America with a lifetime warranty
  • Measures – 18” x 11” x 5.5”
  • Volume – 1,650 cu. in. / 27 L / 6 Gallons
  • Weight 3.25 lbs / 1.45 Kg
  • Shipping weigh: 5 Lbs

More descriptions

If winning isn’t your thing, then this bag is a bag of the blues, a bag of tow, a bag blocked. It’s bag enough, a fine bag, and a nice old bag of tricks. You can put a cat into this bag. Live out of it while you bike around the world. More simply, we made this bag for us and hope you like it too.

Buy Now

Buy now from Amazon.com and these will ship to you from Hugga HQ.

Bags stacked up like Flapjacks

Stacked up like flapjacks and ready to ship

Weekend Special

Our bag will ship to you full of win and today with an iBex Wool Hat too. For free. That’s a $30.00 value.

Bike Hugger Wool Hat

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