Hey Something’s Different?

a shift in the matrix

You may notice a woman in a red dress. A shift in the matrix tonight. If so, follow the white rabbit because we’re moving to a new blog engine. Hopefully, you won’t see the deja vu cat, cause we’ve spent much time with Happy Cog on making this work. Load times and saving a comment will work faster and we’ve got more refinements coming up.


Switching from Movable Type to Expression Engine (EE) means readers that authenticated though any service other than Movable Type (Twitter, Facebook, WordPress) will have to register again through EE. We’ll roll out all the different flavors of authentication as soon as we can.

Sorry for the hassle, but the good news is that your comments will save fast and MT isn’t dragging us down anymore. For those of you that did register via MT, you just need to reset your password via your email.

New readers sign up here.

As always, we’re not spammers or sketchy. Registering with us just gets you in the door to comments. We’ll never sell or do anything with your data without your permission.


If you have any problems, find something broken, or wonder why we shave our legs, just ask a question at our Help site. We set that up for all that we do and for potential issues with our move to EE.

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