New Music Friday

It was a good year for music and on this Friday, I’m sharing what we’re listening to in the office, studio, and at the bike shop. All the way from Kendrick Lamar’s “DAMN.” to Lorde’s “Melodrama” and Vijay Iyer’s “Far From Over,” 2017 the year was filled with great albums from well-known artists. And, rediscovering great hits from the past like and Lips Like Sugar.

On rotation at Hugga HQ and by way of KCRW and KEXP, we loaded up an old iPod Shuffle with a few gigs of lesser-known Artis like SZA and Yaeji. Also, don’t miss re-released music from SubPop like Beyond the Wheel and Pissed Jeans.

What We’re Listening To

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Tires on roads, shifting, excuses, praise, music; the sounds we hear.

What drives most of the listening is Mark V could’ve been a DJ. Dude has terabytes of music. It’s through him that I discovered Aesop Rock Coffee, a track he described as

Uh, that’s a track loaded to the brim with philosophical and sociological commentary. Your average college lit student could crush a term paper analysis using that as ammunition.


That Dude Doesn’t Do Anything

If Mark coul’ve been a DJ, then one career regret I have is not being the guy in plaid pants and a mohawk that hops around on the stage of a ska band. I always thought, “now that’s a good gig.”

Later in that career progression, it’s the dad bod guy banging a cowbell.

Don’t believe me? Read the story of Bez who got famous for nothing.

So I ended up on stage tripping my nuts off, shaking this maraca.

Indeed he did and still at it, just without the LSD, taken a more organic approach these days to stay healthy.

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