New Fizik Saddle Bag: All Conditions

New Fizik Saddle Bag

There’s a new Fizik saddle bag out and it looks sleek. I prefer a storage barrel (fits in a bottle cage) these days or a boxy bike bag, but do appreciate the design. That’s because the bag is made from a combination of durable, PU-coated polyester fabric. With a waterproof zipper to block bad weather, while allowing for easy access to your tools.

The bag attaches with straps to the saddle rails. And, has space for a spare inner tube, co2 cartridge and inflator, tire levers and a multitool—with room for cash and an emergency gel. Waterproof construction means you won’t reach in to find a corroded set of tools.

This small saddle pack also features an internal mesh pocket to keep its contents tightly packed and rattle-free. Looking at the photos, it seems the designers understand when you flat in the cold wet, you want to get to a fix right away. The big saddle strap and wide pouch opening should ensure that.

New Fizik Saddle Bag Pricing

The Fizik is available online at through fizik dealers worldwide or Amazon. It costs $24.99.


  • Weight: 66g
  • Size: L110 x W75 x H55 mm
  • PU-coated polyester
  • Water-repellent zip
  • fizik velcro strap
  • Intended use: road and off-road


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