Nalini Team Kit

Mark’s Green Steel

When our new team kit arrived, Mark V liked it so much, he pranced around like Zoolander. Mark is very particular about how his kit fits and I’ve got Italian Kitarexia. Nalini didn’t send Italian tailors to Hugga HQ to measure us, so they’ve got the sizing down in how they cut it for the smaller and bigger guys.

I wear a large on my thinnest days and XL when I’m layering for the cold or want a more relaxed fit. Nalini made this kit for us in Castel d’Ario, that’s 30km south of Verona with Salinas fabric for the jersey and Lycra Sport for the shorts.


In Nalini

As we told Albabici who distributes Nalini in the US and handles the custom kit orders, we race and ride in all seasons on the road, dirt, and mud. So our kit needs to perform across temperatures and the Manto Dry treatment the Salinas fabric receives wicks very well. Lyrca Sport does the same with muscle support and flexibility for dismounts and remounts (it stays in place). The Nalini Fabric page reads like a buffet menu and that’s how custom you can have your kits made, choosing the fabric technology for your riding and racing. For the shorts, we chose a thermotaped TPU gripper, with a microfiber pad.

Nalini sent us their best, we highly recommend their custom team kits, and I’m wearing it here in the Maui sun after the cold rain at the Seattle CX races.

On a barrier Conquest

Last CX race of the regular season

The Making Of

On G+, see photos of the Nalini factory, where our kit was made.

Kit Machine

Kit-making machine

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