My New Butt

I like the glistening, semi-moist feeling of a good chamois butter but I don’t like the perception that I’ve just applied some sort of salve found most often in the medicine cases of the geriatric. (And only occasionally do I like this palpitate to be emboldened by the burning qualities of menthol or camphor.)

Nubutte (get it?) is a nice-smelling nice-feeling chamois cream that does its job without being cloying, chilling or burning. It comes in both a tub and a stick and the recently-redesigned packaging is meant to project the company’s use of shea butter and other high-end ingredients. The smell is more herbal than medicinal and the feel isn’t cold or tacky. A thicker product than many creams it takes a bit more to work it in–it’s like an actual butter that’s just come from the fridge, solid at first and then it warms up and spreads.

Ten-percent of the $20 price tag goes to “junior cycling” programs, and the company–based in Boulder–sells the tubs right from their site. The stick version doesn’t seem to be available on the site yet yet. But I liked our review stick and the way it easily glides onto body parts in the fashion of deodorant and doesn’t clump up.

It’s a nice, friendly product and it does what it’s supposed to do–prevent one’s naughty bits from becoming uncomfortable bits.

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