Buy American

For years I’ve lusted after a bike brand that few people know about but many rely upon. Workmans Cycles produces bikes and tricycles for industrial and commercial uses, though many of their models (this beauty not among them) are perfect for the suburbanite looking for a great way to hit the grocery store.

Based out of New York City, the company had seen steady growth during the hey-day of Manhattan street-vending and even another boost as the dot com boom propelled their fleet into the warehouses of e-commerce fulfillment houses for the big shippers like Amazon and others, thanks to the stellar reputation for quality.

During the peak (well, trough I guess) of the economy’s meltdown word started to trickle out in the media that the company was seeing a hit due to the decrease in consumer spending. Fewer people spending, fewer orders moving around a warehouse.

But the bikes and the company are still going strong. Maybe it’s time for me to help out the economy by picking up a nice trike to complement my Xtracycle.

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