Mobile Social CES

The first Mobile Social CES is today at 2:00 PM. We’re riding with Nokia, Tern, and a group of Bloggers, Instagrammers, and YouTubers:

  • C.C. Chapman: @cc_chapman
  • Carlie Butler: @CarlieStylezz
  • Colby Brown: @colbybrownphoto
  • Frederick Goodall: @mochadad
  • Jennifer Quillen: @TheRebelChick
  • Jim Higley: @jimhigley
  • Kirsten Alana: @KirstenAlana
  • Leigh Ann: @leighannsays
  • Michael Manna: @MichaelManna
  • Pei Ketron: @pketron
  • Robert Fondalo: @Fondalo
  • Shannon Lane: @cajunmama
  • Steve Cook: @stevecook_32
  • Sugar Jones: @sugarjones

It’s the same route as our rides on the Strip during Interbike and we’re leaving from the Aria. Posts and photos to follow in a magazine feature and more bike news from CES.

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