Fitbike and Wearables at CES

After writing about Google Glass and riding with it last year, here at CES looking for wearables and next-gen bike computers like the FitBike that won the ATT Hackathon. As the Nokia Developer blog describes it, FitBike is for “bicycling enthusiasts to make their experiences even more social by finding prearranged routes and rides, and people to ride with you.” The app also connects wearable sensors, notification devices, and LED lighting into a package that uses a GoPro for photos and a Pebble watch for ride metrics. That’s a lot of bike hacking.

I haven’t ran into them yet, but Recon is here in the Intel booth announcing they had thousands of rides uploaded with their HUD, and PR from the show featured Smart Earbuds than when paired record your ride and heart rate. There’s also a new type of smart watch that requires no tethering with its own connectivity and smart geofencing.

I’m spending most of my time in Vegas hanging out with Nokia, shooting photos with Lumias, and met Chris Weber at lunch yesterday. He’s a VP and board member who’s also an avid cyclist. As we learned years ago, when this blog launched, the bike is a connector across the tech industry, including Nokia. I’ve met many team members who are into the bike just like us and you.

Connectivity is spotty during CES, so I’ll get to uploading photos when the bandwidth permits, video too. Follow along on Twitter and Instagram, as we discover more tech and shoot photos with 10 and 1520 Lumias.

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