Mark V’s “Poop on Wheels” Award: Puma Fixie

Puma fixie 01.jpgInterbike is a place where dreamers sell their dreams, where corporations present consumer traps, where marketing people gamble their skills. Not everyone can be a winner, but sometimes you just have to call out the losers…when the product is just shamelessly rubbish. For my inaugural “Poop on Wheels” Award, I present to you Puma’s 2010 fixed gear.

Fixed gears are HOT…all the kids are doing it, right? Puma just needed to make a bike the same way they make all those “limited edition” shoes…by using this year’s hot colour ways to cover up a complete lack of engineering and craftsmanship.

Puma fixie 02.jpg

Rubbish components, unattractive design, with a Puma(TM) symbol on the top tube. Please, don’t buy this bike….even if you are one of those jackasses who collects limited edition trainers.

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