Chictopia Bikes

A resource for the chic plain clothes women (and 2 guys) are wearing on their bikes is Chictopia’s Topshop Bicycle Club from this Summer.


During the contest, entrants uploaded photos of themselves with bikes and the 5 chicest ones won a new bike. If not for the clothes, the contest is a study in urban bikes, like Erin’s basket bike.

Also a good example of the bike market that exists outside of the bike industry/bike shop silo. Do you think Erin would go into a bike shop or would prefer to get her new cruiser with a matching outfit at Top Shop? While some dissed Urban Outfitters for selling fixies, we saw it as a sign of sales to come.

Eventually all these urban bikes the industry is making will have to find a channel that isn’t a bike shop, it’s a boutique.

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