Made a Sound Like BANG!

Was just riding along and BANG! this happened.

bang 3

iPhone photo from the scene of the “tubeless incident”

That’s a new rear A-Class tubeless wheel with Hutchinson Intensive tires (also tubeless) that we’ve got in on test. If not for my cat-like reflexes, could’ve ended my season, but I walked the bike back to Hugga HQ. After drinking a beer to calm down and rinsing off the bike and tire, I investigated further, and found this

bang 3

carpenter screw

and this

bang 2

Punctured the tire and the bead

Damn. Look at the iPhone photo above again, between the 1st and 2nd spoke shown. You can see the exploded bead. So what happened was, the screw punctured the tire – felt like I hit a rock – it then tore through the bead and BANG. Bead lost, seal lost, and that was it. Inside the rim, it’s all torn up too.

What are the odds?

Here’s another view showing the torn bead.


a screw punctured then twisted into the bead, and tore it open.

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