Interbike 2011: Hilary Crowley and the Realaxiom trainer from Elite SRL

Italy’s Elite SRL introduces the Realaxiom trainer which for me was hands down the coolest training aid of the show. Realaxiom has all the features you typically see on advanced trainers, but you can use GPS data from devices you rode with to replicate climbing profiles on the trainer. Even more, you can go to Google Maps and ride the roads of any road in the data base, using the video feed to enhance the virtual experience. So you could pre-ride a race course as many times as you want before a big event. Not enough? You can race against other riders via an online connection! So badass. Retail is about $1250.

My all-time favourite Interbike booth bunny Hilary Crowley talks about the features in the video above. Don’t get fooled by the smile…Hilary is all killer, no filler: she’s the newly crowned Masters National Road champ!

Hilary at Elite 01

Mark at Elite 03

Mark at Elite 02

Hilary poses with the poser.

Hilary at Elite 03

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