London Cycle Map

Central London Cycle Map.png

Met Ben from Cycle Lifestyle at our Mobile Social London and he showed us the London Bike Maps – fascinated by them. Not only the intricate illustration, but every ride we’ve done in London with @alien8 required the use of a GPS device. As I wrote earlier this year

Imagine pedaling through a bright carnival midway. That’s what riding London at night is like. It bustles with life, sound, and smells. You’re on alert, but there’s also a calm to it when you turn onto a quiet street, in a brief lull, before another street with more fast pedaling.

London is the most invigorating urban riding we do. I’ve never found myself more lost and more engaged in a city. Would using a magic marker on this map to trace your route help? Probably.

london_cycle_map_logo_small.jpg The maps are the brainchild of Simon Parker and illustrated by Jon Haste. They’re also part of a larger campaign to make the cycling equivalent of the London Underground Map and fill the streets with cyclists for the 2012 Olympics.

Where it gets really interesting is if/when those tube-like maps get superimposed into an app like Google Latitude or Map My Tracks. Where you could see yourself in relation to your friends and where you want to go.

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