Let’s Talk About the Weather and Shells

Oz clouds

Turned the bikes away from these clouds fearing that may spirit us away to Oz

Snow in Seattle in late April, almost May further indicates this is very unusual weather, from a place where the weather is a way of life. I’ve noticed odd wind patterns too, like in two decades it hasn’t blown from that direction. Also my preternatural ability to read clouds is totally out of whack. Wispy gray clouds don’t deliver a deluge. Suspect that above the billowy ones in stealth mode are the dark, wicked clouds that float in fast and hurriedly drop their payload. I was so upset about suggesting we turn away from one set of clouds and another wetted us out, that I apologized during the ride on Sat. It was jackets on/off, repeatedly.

The route we rode was 40 miles in the city, protected by trees when it’s stormy on best-of roads like Monster and Macadam.

In my jersey pocket for unpredictable warm then cold rides like this is Gore’s Xenon Active soft-shell. It packs up small and passes the tortilla test.


Xenon out of the pocket and worn

For Urban rides, dressed up and more stylish, I like Rapha’s Rain Jacket and reviewed it in this post. For the next storm, I’ll try Giro’s jacket that came in on test with their New Road Line.

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