Bike to Work Month Starts with a Death


A gauntlet of semis, trucks, construction, trains, and game day traffic

Alaskan Way is ridden by thousands of cyclists, heavily trafficked by semis, intersects the tunnel project, and is as hazardous a road as any. I’ve referred to it as a gauntlet. Cite it too as a reason Seattle isn’t the bike town advocates say it is, as they pat each other on the back, citing best of lists or giving themselves an B grade. The disconnect between city hall, lobbyist offices, and the streets where cyclists ride in Seattle too often results in tragedy.

This one happened on the first day of Bike to Work month. There are no further details and it occurred a few hours ago during the commute. We’re saddened here, feeling it for the families, and those involved. Alaskan Way is ridden by thousands ride daily.

To the cyclists in our town and others who choose to ride instead of drive, safety is a constant concern. For updates on the story, see this post from the West Seattle Blog. Also Cascade’s blog and a map of pedestrian and bicycle accidents.

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