Re-Cycling GM Dealerships

Just over 3 years ago, we started Bike Hugger because I noticed a change in the air, a definite uptick in the amount of cyclists on the road for bike to work and wherever I ride. I had no idea at the time that the world would change so much since then. This week GM filed bankruptcy, Americans are saving more money, and quitting the new car habit. Pondering this, I tweeted:

Sure, seemingly way more complicated than in the wake of GM’s bankruptcy to tell America to buy a bike, but that’s what I’m thinking. – 8:05 AM Jun 1st from web



Could Bike Shops fill those vacant GM dealerships? Fitness centers even with massive spin classes? When the spending comes back will it arrive in the bike shop for a commuter bike?

I don’t know, but maybe a new urbanism focused on bikes will result from these economic times.

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