Changed my life

I sell a lot of bikes on craigslist. It’s usually a very positive experience – a little trust can go a long way to making sure everyone gets what’s best. In this case – I got a great note from the guy who bought a Trek Madone:

Hey Andrew. I am the guy that bought your Madone last November. I wanted to thank you for helping me get started in cycling. I just wanted to give you an update as to how I am progressing. I have ridden over 1500 miles on this bike. My strength and endurance has improved dramatically. I absolutely love getting out and riding. I am averaging about 80 miles per week and with the better weather feel like I can do even more if I have the time. I have lost 30 pounds and hope to keep going.
THANKS for trusting me enough to ship the bike down. It has changed my life. Hope all is well with you.

Best regards, Jeff

That’s some inspiring stuff! 30lbs and a new rider for life. I love to hear these sorts of results. Keep riding Jeff!

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