Knog Skink

Knog Skink 1

The new Knog Skink is a four LED unit in either red or white configurations and weighs just 56gr. It should retail for about $30, distributed by Cyclone Bicycle Supply . The silicon body seals the electronics from water and is available in 6 colors. As with all Knog lights, the light fits to seatposts or stays by wrapping the flexible loop around to the body. The Skink is obviously larger and more expensive than the wildly popular Frog, but new light runs on 2 AAA batteries, which are more readily available, cheaper, and last longer than the Frog’s CR2032 batteries. Even better, you can buy rechargeable AAAs. Another nice feature is the battery life indicator light, a small auxiliary LED next to the on-button that stays illuminated when the battery life drops below 25%.

Knog Skink 2

Compared to the Knog Bullfrog that I’ve been using for a year now, the Skink has one less LED and uses one less AAA. The on-button is a little easier to find blindly while wearing gloves and the silicon loop fits more snugly. Both lights are somewhat less bright than a Planet Bike Superflash, but I absolutely love the convenience of the Knogs’ attachment method. Knogs are the only lights that might possibly improve the looks of your bike. But if you must have maximum red strobe to irritate riders behind you, Knog has plans to introduce a 1W LED taillight called the Boomer. No price on that yet, nor expected arrival date.

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