Chub Hub

I built this wheel for Jake, one of the Seattle fixie stars. It’s a Chub Hub, a double-sided fixed gear hub of massive proportions. The immense hub is constructed of carbon and aluminum with provision for cogs and track lockrings on both sides. The rim is a H+ Son, custom powder coated black. Finished off with black DT Swiss Champion spokes and black brass nipples, the whole wheel is stealth. I thought I’d just cut the spokes and lace ‘em, but I hate to leave things unfinished.

chub 1.jpgNotice my own pink Phil Wood track hub in the background. Whereas the Phil hub has 67mm flanges, the Chub has 101.6mm flanges. With the 42mm rims, the wheel seems halfway to a full disc.

chub 2.jpg

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