Kauai: 5 Days of Hard Riding

After 5 days of hard, we rode easy yesterday around the North Shore on the World’s Greatest Bike Path

north_shore_ride 1.jpg

to the Kilauea Lighthouse

north_shore_ride 3.jpg

and past Andy Irons’ memorials.

north_shore_ride 2.jpg

The Rides

I’ve uploaded the rides to Map My Tracks, a social sharing site that works with OutFront, a real-time, GPS tracking app for outdoor sports. The rides include

Note: GPX and KML files available with those links.

A Killer App with Mount

Combine OutFront with Biologic Bike Mount and you’ve got a killer, bike-blogging, riding. and training app. While the app was tracking our ride, I was recording videos and taking snapshots for Huggacast 142: Waimea Canyon.

I’ll get more into the app when we get back from vacation, but finally the 2nd-generation iOS apps have arrived in the App Store and bringing with them more sophistication and usability. OutFront is also available for other smartphones.

More Photos

Today we’re just riding around taking photos with the Nikon D7000. We’re sharing photos on Flickr, where you can geolocate our rides on their map.

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